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Online Software Studio
Automated Composing System composes music and creates a MIDI file. Micro Tuner enables micro tuning of MIDI devices. These are freeware, please feel free to download.
Original MIDI Studio
If you have time, please listen to my music. Midi files of my original compositions are provided in this section.
WAV Studio
MP3 files of my original tunes can be downloaded in this section. SoundVQ data is also provided.
Ethnic Music Room
I examine some Ethnic Music here.
  Game Music Room
I examine some Game Music and think how we can compose it here.
Classical Music Room
I examine characteristics of Classical Music here.
Future Music Room
I examine some Strange Music, Experimental Music and Imaginary Music here.
Media Art Room
I exhibit some media art works here.
Sound Theater
You see pictures of large cities in the world with MIDI music.
Musical Instruments Museum
If you have time, please have a look at  my musical instruments.
Music Sites
AlgorithmicComposition Sites
Ethnic Music Sites
These pages give you links to music related sites. If you want to include my site in your link list, you are welcome.
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