Ringtone Conversion Software Ringtone





  helps you and reduce the amount of work that you have to do when converting SMF or MIDI files into MLD(Docomo's format), MMF(Vodafone and au's format) and PMD(au's format). Though you use the same SMF files to convert them into mobile phone's format, you have to perform different operation according to each types of mobile phone. For instance, if you use Ringtone, you can perform following tasks automatically:

(1)Setting different volume and velocity according to each types of mobile phone.
(2)Specifying  %  in order to shorten the gate time set in SMF files.
(3)Making a list of song titles and setting hundreds of songs altogether.
(4)Deleting unnecessary events and inserting specified events like markers in SMF files.
(5)Checking numbers of voices and numbers of synchronized voices.

By performing the above tasks automatically, you are able to create a well-balanced ringtone from the same SMF files for every type of mobile phones. In addition, Ringtone enables you to activate the setting of song titles and authorized information without editing individual file.

Ringtone is intended for users who already have conversion software such as MFiTool. Though Ringtone enables you to edit the data of files such as SMF, MLD and MMF in order to suit your mobile phone, Ringtone cannot convert SMF into ringtones. We have Chaku-Melon for those of you who want to convert SMF into ringtones.