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Operation Flow

(1)Creating File List

Create a list of files that you want to edit automatically by using Chaku-Melon in Microsoft Excel and save the list in CSV format. Specify the file names for loading and the names of output files in the list.

(Figure1: List of converting files)

(2) Creating Volume List

Set up the "Master Volume" and volume of each channel in this list. Because of the sound difference in each mobile phone model, you can adjust the volume balance in this list. For example, with low-sound models such as "P503i", specify large value for "Master Volume" and volume of each channel. (If you specify "0 (zero)", it will mute the volume of the channel.)

(Figure2: List for setting volume)

(3)Creating Control List Of Volume For Each Tone

Create a file for adjusting volume of each tone. If certain model has small sound, you can make it bigger by specifying the value larger than "100". On the contrary, if you want to make the sound smaller, specify the value smaller than "100".

Also, you can specify the shifts of octave in the same list. For example, if you specify "-1", the tone will be one octave lower.

(Figure3: List of setting each tone)

(4)Creating List For Specifying Velocity Of Drum

Create a file for specifying velocity of drum. If certain model has small sound, you can make it bigger by specifying large value.

(Figure4: List of setting drum)

(5) Converting 

Select models such as "i503N", "i503P", "i503F", "i503So" or models of Vodafone. We have models of "4 Voice" and "3 Voice" as well.

As soon as you start converting, the specified conversion will take place automatically. It will finish converting hundreds of files in 2 to 3 minutes.

Chaku-Melon has a function of converting files one by one. Following is the interface for individual conversion. 

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