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Business Contents
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Consigned Development
Web System Development We develop a web system by using "Perl", "PHP", "Java", "ASP", "MySQL", "PostgreSQL", "Oracle" and others.
Application Software Development We develop an application software for Windows by using "VC++", "VB" and others. Also, we develop a database management software by using Microsoft Access.
Educational Software Development

We develop an educational software by using "Macromedia Director".

Package Development
Chaku-Melon We develop and sell the software for converting ringing tones that suits every type of mobile phones.
Ringtone We develop and sell the effective software that reduces the workload of converting ringing tones.
Automated Composing System (ACS) We develop and sell this Automated Composing software.
ACS Junior

ACS Junior is a bundle software of "Cubasis" and "PrintMusic!".

Writing Technical Manuals
Writing/Editing Textbooks We write books that explains how to use PC and application programs.
Writing Technical Manuals We write variety of technical manuals.
Technical Translation
Software Localization We translate menu names, messages, etc. of English software into Japanese.
Help Files Localization We translate English help files into Japanese.