Dragging and Dropping Files

  You can copy CSV files and MIDI files by dragging and dropping.  

Dragging and Dropping CSV files

You can copy CSV files to Ringtone directly by just dragging and dropping files onto Ringtone.
For example, if you drag the file named "tone_list01.csv" to Ringtone as shown below, you will see a button with a file name you have just copied and [Check] button on the right side of [Tone Setting]. You can see the contents of the file by clicking [Check] button.

Dragging and Dropping MIDI files

Like CSV files, MIDI files can also be copied by dragging and dropping.

For example, if you drag and drop files named "test1.mid" and "test2.mid" to Ringtone, file name on the button that is pointed by the red arrow will be changed as shown above.
If you click [Check] button, [List View] dialog box will be displayed as you can see below. You can see the MIDI files you have just copied in this dialog box.