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ACS Junior is the compact version of ACS. You will be able to use all functions if you upgrade your ACS Junior to ACS. Also, if you upgrade your ACS Junior to ACS, you will be entitled to get complimentary sale of ACS. 
Online Price (If you live overseas)
If you are an international customer living overseas, 
the charge for upgrading will be:
For your reference: standard price of ACS is U.S.$35.00

Please go to the following address for payment:
Price for Complimentary Sale (If you live in Japan) 
1,575yen (Net Price 1,500yen Tax 75yen)

For your reference: ACS Standard Price 3,675yen (Net Price 3,500yen Tax 175yen)
How to Pay (If you live in Japan)

Mitsui-Sumitomo Bank 
Heijyou Branch
Ordinary Deposit:0703121
Mu-tech, Inc. Tetsuji Katsuda 
Please pay the commission.

Post Office

Nara-nishi Post Office
Account Number:00980-7-130301
Account Name: Mu-tech, Inc
We will pay the commission for you, so just pay the amount without commission.