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Mu-tech aims at contributing to the society through our multimedia works.  
Company Name
Mu-tech CO., Inc
4-535-526, Nakayama-cho-nishi, Nara-shi, Nara 631-0013, Japan 
President & CEO
Tetsuji Katsuda
Business Description
Consigned Development We do web system development, application software development, and educational software development.
Package Development We develop and sell ringtone converter software, karaoke software, games, etc.
Writing Technical Manuals We write and edit variety of technical manuals.
Technical Translation We translate and localize oversea software products and websites.
President's Biography
Tetsuji Katsuda
Finished Master of Science in Computer Science at the American University (Washington D.C.) and Master of Social Sciences at Waseda University (Tokyo). Engaged in developing Windows applications at CSK Systems Corporation from 1988.  Established Mu-tech CO., Inc in 2000 and have engaged in developing entertainment programs for Windows & Macintosh (music applications, text speech applications,  robot related applications, games, etc...), server applications for Linux, and write technical manuals, etc.
Teaching Experience
2002 Lecturer of Programming Course (Visual Basic, Director) at Inter Medium Institute
2002 Lecturer of workshop (how to build Neuro Cube program) at Doshisha Women's College
2002 Lecturer of workshop (how to build Neuro Cube program) at UCLA
from 2004 Lecturer of robotics, interface and game creation at Tezukayama Gakuin University
from 2004 Lecturer of media art seminar at Kyoto Seika University
Have written technical books such as manuals for HTML, JavaScript, Visual Basic, SQL, Microsoft ACCESS, PowerPoint, Excel, etc. Books are published by C&R, SHUWA SYSTEM, X-media, SOFT BANK, and Natsume Shuppan Kikaku.
Have written regularly for magazine such as DTM Magazine about automated composing, etc.
Have written academic essay about influence of information technology toward organization and assessment for Waseda University Graduate School. 
Art Exibits
2003 Exhibited "Music Planet" at "Media Art Festival" in Shizuoka University of Art and Culture
2003 Exhibited "Image Canon" at "UN Boy Exhibition" in  Art Tower Mito
2002 Exhibited "Music Plant" at at "Media Art Festival" in Shizuoka University of Art and Culture
2002 Exhibited "Music Plant" and "Music Tree" at "Miracles of Atomic Boy Exhibition" in Kobe Fashion Museum
2000 Exhibited "Music Plant" at SUMISO in Douton-bori of Osaka
2000 Exhibited "Music Plant" at  Forecast in Kobe Motomachi
Participated Projects
2003 System development of "Noboru Tsubaki cochineal" for "Human & Robot Exhibition" in Japan Cultural Museum (Paris, France)
2002 System development of "Noboru Tsubaki & Softpad" for "Rendezvous Exhibition" in Spiral (Aoyama, Tokyo)
2001 Lecturer of Noboru Tsubaki's Workshop at "Rendezvous Exhibition" in Spiral (Aoyama, Tokyo)
1999 System development of "Motoshi Chikamori o[en]" at Biennale '99 in ICC (Tokyo)