How to Use ACS
  There are three modes, [Compose mode], [Edit mode] and [Convert mode] in ACS. 
What should I do when I start ACS for the first time?

When you start ACS for the first time, click "setup" button and then [Common Setting] dialog box will be displayed. Input the necessary information at the "system setup" dialog box, and click "OK" button. Then the main controller of ACS will appear on your screen. From the second time onwards, the main controller of ACS will be displayed.

Overview of Compose Mode

The Automated Composing System composes a tune. The style of tune is one of the selected musical styles. To select musical styles, use [Style Button]. Each musical styles is defined by parameters. To edit these parameters, use [Style Button] and [Music Style Definition] button.
The Automated Composing System composes a tune with 5 steps. To know about these steps, click here,

Main Interface of ACS
You can make an automated composition and an arrangement and a conversion on the main interface of ACS.

(1) [Setting] button

Displays [Common Setting] dialog box.

(2) [Mode] button

You can change [Compose Mode] into [Edit Mode] and  [Convert Mode]. When you are using [Edit mode], you can make arrangements to the music you have composed by ACS and You can convert music style and format by using [Convert mode].

(3) [Style] button

Displays [Music Style Selection] dialog box.

(4) [Power] button

Quits ACS.

(5) [Rewind] button

Rewinds to the last tune.

(6) [Compose] button

Composes music automatically, creates a MIDI file and plays the file.

(7) [Forward] button

Forwards to the next tune.

(8) [Help] button

Opens this [Help].

(9) [Mode] window

Shows the active mode.

(10) [Advice] window

Shows some pieces of advice regarding operations.

(11) [Progress Condition] button

Displays the progressive condition.

(12) [Timer] button

Displays [Timer] dialog box.