Tutorial - How to extract a music style from SMF.


This page is a tutorial of specific usage of ACS.

Open dialog box Extraction
Select one music style and click [Music Style Definition] button (small yellow button). Click [Operation] button of [Music Style Definition] dialog box.
Click [Extract] button of [Style Operation] dialog box.
 Select a SMF
Select a SMF that you want extract a music style from.
 Select area
Set the start  bar and end bar that specify your most favorites part of the tune. 
If you are not sure if you selected the most favorites part of the tune or not, push [Play] button.
 Check the result
Push [OK] button and close [Chanel Role] dialog box.
Close [Style Operation] dialog box and [Music Definition] dialog box..
The style name must be changed to "Extracted Style".
Push [Compose] button of main interface of ACS and check the result. If it generates good music, go to the [Style Operation] dialog box and save the music style.