Tutorial - How to convert auto-composed files into ringtone files
  This page is a tutorial of specific usage of ACS.  
Switch to Convert Mode
As you may know, the auto-composed MIDI files cannot be played by the mobile phones. However, if you use the Convert Mode of ACS, you will get ringtone files without pain.
To be continued from the previous tutorial, let us convert "MYMIDI02.MID" that is saved in the [Output] folder into ringtone of "DOCOMO 64 Voice files".
As shown in the picture below, click on the [Mode] button and switch to [Convert Mode] window.
Operations of Convert Mode
Once you have switched to [Convert Mode] window, click on the [Convert] button as shown in the picture below.
Then you will see the [Open File] dialog box on the screen. Please take the following steps to select the file that you want to convert:
1. Select the folder where the file that you wish to convert is saved in. Suppose you select the [Output] folder where "MYMIDI02.MID" is saved in.
2. When you select the folder, the file for converting will be displayed. Then you click on the "MYMIDI02.MID" as shown in the picture  below.
3. Check if the file name is correct.
4. Click on the [Open] button.
Then you will see the [Save As] dialog box on the screen. If you click on the button as shown in the picture below, you will see the pull-down menu. Please select "DOCOMO 64 Voice files" from the menu.
Once you have selected the file format, you will see the dialog box as shown below. You will notice that "MYMIDI02.MID" is disappeared from the window. But it does not mean "MYMIDI02.MID" is deleted from the folder. ACS will convert and create a new file based on "MYMIDI02.MID". Like this time, if there is no "DOCOMO 64 Voice files" in the folder, all other files in different format will be hidden or disappeared. To put it simply, only the files that corresponds to the format that you have selected will be displayed in the window.
Now, click on the [Save] button and execute the conversion of the file.
You will see the [Voice Selection] dialog box on the screen. Click on the [OK] button and you will be returned to [Convert Mode] window.
As soon as [Convert Mode] window is being displayed, ACS will start playing the converted file.
If you check [Output] folder, you will see "MYMIDI02.mld" is created in the folder.