Tutorial - How to compose by selecting just one style
  This page is a tutorial of specific usage of ACS.  
Open [Music Style Selection] dialog box
To select a style, you need to open [Music Style Selection] dialog box. [Music Style Selection] dialog box can be displayed when you click on the [Style] button of [Compose Mode] window as shown below.
When you install ACS into your computer, ACS has already picked some styles and then will be installed. Therefore, when you start ACS for the first time and open [Music Style Selection] dialog box by [Style] button, you will see the dialog box as shown below. You will see that names of the selected styles are highlighted in orange color. "Ballad", "Elton Wonder", "Rock", "Pop Vocal" and "Glam Rock" are selected.
Select music style
Once you have decided a style, click on the [Music Style Selection] button. Then you will see the name of your selected style turns into orange color. If your favorite style has already been selected by ACS, leave it as it is. Also if there are styles in orange that are other than your choice, click and turn them into green color.
"Rock" is being selected as an example shown below. You can switch windows by [Switch Styles] buttons of red arrow as described below, and make sure that only "Rock" is being selected.
If you click on [OK] button, it will bring you back to [Compose Mode] window. Then you will see "1 style is selected." as shown below.
If you see indication that is different from the one described above, you will need to reconfirm other windows by [Switch Styles] buttons and check more than two styles are being selected.