About Shareware Registration of ACS
  Once you have registered the shareware of ACS, you will be able to use all functions of the system.  
Charge for Shareware Registration (If you live Overseas)
If you are an international customer living overseas, 
the charge for shareware registration will be:

You can send the above charge by using kagi.com.
Please access at:

Charge for Shareware Registration (If you live in Japan)
3,675yen (Net Price 3,500yen Tax 175yen)
How to Pay


Mitsui-Sumitomo Bank 
Heijyou Branch
Ordinary Deposit:0703121
Mu-tech, Inc. Tetsuji Katsuda 
Please pay the commission.


Post Office:

Nara-nishi Post Office
Account Number:00980-7-130301
Account Name: Mu-tech, Inc
We will pay the commission for you, so just pay the amount without commission.

Apply for ID Number
Make application from the following web page.
If you make an application through e-mail, include the following information and send it to  katsuda@net.email.ne.jp after you have paid the shareware registration fee.
    Name of Software: Automated Composing System
    Name(company name,  person in charge):
    Address(You can omit this):
    Date of Payment:
    Your Number(This is the number displayed in the [Input ID Number] dialog box.): 

On confirming your payment, we will send your ID number by e-mail. You will get it within a week.
Reissuing Your ID Number
When you reinstall operating system or your hard disk is crushed, your ID number might go invalid. If that happens to you, go to the following web site for application: