[Edit Mode]


[Edit Mode] is used for reading MIDI files and for arranging the music.


Usage of [Edit Mode]

[Edit Mode] is displayed when you click on the [Mode button] in the main interface of ACS. Followings are the buttons you will use in this mode.

(1) [Setting] button Displays [System Setting] dialog box.
(2) [Mode] button You can change [Edit Mode] into [Convert Mode] and  [Compose Mode].
(3) [Power] button

Quits ACS.

(4) [Play] button

Plays the music that has been arranged.

(5) [Edit] button

Displays [Open File] dialog box.
Loads and arranges the MIDI files that have been created by ACS. Please note that you cannot make arrangements to the MIDI files that have been created by other software.

(6) [Help] button Opens this [Help].
(7) [Mode] window Shows the active mode.
(8) [Advice] window Shows some pieces of advice regarding operations.
(9) [Progressive Condition] window Displays the progressive condition.