[Convert Mode]


Convert mode can load a MIDI file and change music style. For instance, it loads Beatles MIDI file and then converts it into classic style. On the contrary, a classic style MIDI file can be converted into rock style.  
In addition, you can convert MIDI files into MFi files for DOCOMO and SMAF files for Vodafone. To the contrary, you can convert MFi files or SMAF files into MIDI files.


Usage of [Convert Mode]

[Convert Mode] is displayed when you click on the [Mode] button in the main interface of ACS. Followings are the buttons you will use in this mode.

(1) [Setting] button

Displays [System Setting]dialog box.

(2) [Mode] button

You can change [Convert Mode] into [Compose Mode] and [Edit Mode].

(3) [Style] button

Displays [Music Style Selection] dialog box.

(4) [Power] button

Quits ACS.

(5) [Play] button

Plays the music that has been converted.

(6) [Convert] button

Displays [Open File] dialog box and then [Save As] dialog box.
Converts into different music style and format. Also plays the converted music.

(7) [Help] button

Opens this [Help].

(8) [Mode] window

Shows the active mode.

(9) [Advice] window

Shows some pieces of advice regarding operations.

(10) [Progressive Condition] window

Displays the progressive condition.