Tutorial - How to create music style from your image
This page is a tutorial of specific usage of ACS.
You will learn music through ACS by operating parameters such as "Scale", "Time Sign", and "Basic Beat" and by seeing how they influence music.
Realize Your Image
Have you ever thought that you want to create a music according to your image? For instance, you have a image  such as you want a happy or upbeat tune or a sad tune. ACS makes it possible for you to create a tune that suits your image by letting you set multiple parameters. There are parameters such as your image is mechanical or human like, stable or chaotic, etc. Also you can select the number of players and melody instruments.
Experience the Effect Through ACS!
Display [Music Style Definition] dialog box. Click [Operation] button and then [Wizard] button.
Answer the following questions by moving the sliders.
Question 1:  What is your image of your tune?
Question 2: Where is the place?
Question 3: How many players are there?
Question 4: What is music instrument for melody like?
If you click [OK] button, you will see "Original Style" is created.
Go back to main dialog box of ACS and click [Compose] button. Following is the MIDI file that is created by above steps.
Happy Feeling Music