Tutorial - How to create ballad by changing tempo of up-tempo number
This page is a tutorial of specific usage of ACS.
You will learn music through ACS by operating parameters such as "Scale", "Time Sign", and "Basic Beat" and by seeing how they influence music.
What Makes Music Sound Like Ballad?
If you slow down the tempo of up-tempo number such as rock music, you will notice that it sounds like ballad.
Moreover, if you change the rhythm into triplet, it will sound more like ballad.
Experience the Effect of Tempo Through ACS!

Start ACS and select "Easy Listening" from "Pops (World)" in the [Music Style Selection] dialog box.

When you see the [Music Style Definition] dialog box, click [Tune] button.
Change [Tempo] into " 70bpm" and [Basic Beat] into "Triplet Rhythm".
Go back to main dialog box of ACS and click [Compose] button. Followings are the MIDI files that are created by above steps.
Easy Listening
Easy Listening with Slow Tempo & Triplet Rhythm