Tutorial - How to create original style by changing existing music style
This page is a tutorial of specific usage of ACS.
You will learn music through ACS by operating parameters such as "Scale", "Time Sign", and "Basic Beat" and by seeing how they influence music.
How to Create Original Style
If you have a favorite music style, how will you be able to create it with ACS? You may have seen CDs entitled "Crystal Music". This is a kind of music that is performed by tone of crystal. For instance, if you want to create a new style such as "Crystal Music", what you will have to do first is to find a similar style from existing music style of ACS. Following is the explanation of  how you can create a  tone of crystal by copying  and changing the existing style of "Music Box".  This section helps you  learn how to create an original style by copying the existing music style of ACS and by changing the tone.
Create "Crystal" Music Style
Start ACS and display [Healing Music] window  in the [Music Style Selection] dialog box.
Display [Music Style Definition] dialog box for "Music Box" and click [Operation] button.
Click [Copy] button and then click [OK] button.
Go back to [Music Style Selection] dialog box. Click yellow button of blank section and  display [Music Style Definition] dialog box. Then click [Operation] button.
Click [Paste] button and then click [OK] button. New style is copied.

Click [Tune] button and then click [Style name] button. Change style name into "Crystal".
Go back to [Music Style Definition] dialog box. Click [Melody] button. Select [Synth sound effects] from [Group]  and  select [Crystal] from [Instrument].
Go back to [Music Style Selection] dialog box and select "Crystal".
Go back to main dialog box of ACS and click [Compose] button. Followings are the MIDI files that are created by above steps.
Music Box