About ACS
What is ACS?

ACS is the software that generates music automatically only by choosing a music style. As ACS uses random numbers to generate music, there is no chance of creating the same tune even though the selected music style might be the same.

Moreover, ACS has a function to change a music style of a MIDI file which is already made. For example, it can read a rock and pop style MIDI file and change to a jazz or classic style MIDI file and output it.

What kind of music can be generated?

The music styles are categorized into orthodox and the variation. Each has its own music styles. For example, the orthodox music styles are such as new music and a folk song.

These music styles are defined with some music parameters, such as tones, scales, and harmony patterns. By changing these parameters, you can generate original music styles. For example, you can create the unusual music style, such as the lock with an Indian music scale.

How can I use the music generated by ACS?

The generated music is saved in the form of SMF (generally called a MIDI file), which is popular at the Internet. You can freely use the created SMF as BGM of the arrival-of-the-mail melody of a cellular phone, a homepage, mail, and a game.(Please click here about copyright.) 

Functions of ACS
The function of ACS Junior is partly restricted to use. If it upgrades to ACS, all functions can be used. The following diagram is the functional comparison table of ACS and ACS Junior.
  ACS ACS Junior
Automated composing Usable Usable
Converting music styles Usable  Usable
Converting ringtone files Usable Usable
Number of music styles More than 120 48
Extracting music styles from MIDI files Usable Usable
Saving and loading added music styles Usable  Unusable
Generating music style with Wizard Usable  Unusable
Setting up parameters Usable Limited use
Recomposing a part of music Usable Unusable

A developer and a selling shop do not take responsibility about any produced damage as a result of using ACS. Only the person who abides this condition can use ACS.


If you want to have your ACS supported, register for shareware of ACS.